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Great Falls Heart & Soul Project Coordinator

Great Falls Heart & Soul Project Coordinator

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The Great Falls Heart and Soul Project Coordinator’s primary role is to facilitate the development and sustainability of the Community Heart and Soul model, in concert with the Great Falls Heart and Soul Steering Team, and with the guidance and support of the Community Heart and Soul Coach. The ideal Project Coordinator will be a local resident, and have excellent facilitation, partnership, community organizing and communication skills. Though the “ideal” coordinator would be a local resident, circumstances might require the Steering team to look outside the Great Falls community for candidates with the necessary skill set to successfully do this job.

The main goal of this position is to support the Steering Team and volunteers in their ongoing efforts around community engagement, planning, data analysis, events and communications throughout the phases of the Heart and Soul model. The Project Coordinator will provide assistance to the Steering Team to build trusting relationships and partnerships, including the Town of Great Falls and Chester County, that align with the goals of Community Heart and Soul. The Project Coordinator will participate in national Community Heart and Soul Communities of Practice, and other learning and networking opportunities.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Project Management

  • Alongside the Great Falls Heart & Soul Steering Team, with a focus on utilization of the Milestones and the Master Spreadsheet to map out the work plan for each phase, while managing and revising the work plan throughout all phases.
  • Alongside the Great Falls Heart & Soul Steering Team, integrate the Community Network Analysis into Heart & Soul work and decision-making throughout all phases, and support the team to make additions and revisions to the Community Network Analysis, as needed.
  • Work with the Communications sub-committee and other partners to design, schedule, and advertise all Heart & Soul-related meetings and events.
  • Work with the Great Falls Heart & Soul Steering Team and sub-committees to develop and manage strategies for achieving Heart & Soul Milestones and create opportunities to celebrate successes along the way. • Work with the Coach and the Great Falls Heart & Soul Steering Team to complete the end-ofphase reflections and any additional project documentation at the end of each phase.
  • Assist the Great Falls Heart and Soul Steering Team to develop and maintain regular communication with the Heart & Soul Coach, the Heart & Soul Steering Team and Sub Committees, and any other community partners and municipal contacts.
  • Manage project records including communications materials, strategic documents, meeting minutes, public meeting summaries, audio visual, photos, and other relevant project documents.
  • Develop and support an internal communication system, approved by the Steering team, to ensure effective communication and operations, access and transparency.
  • With the Executive team manage financial records and budget, grants, and any other additional contracts for the Heart & Soul process

Heart & Soul Volunteer Management

  • Work with Heart & Soul Coach to prepare Steering team meetings, sub – committee meetings and other convenings.
  • Work with Heart & Soul Coach to organize Heart & Soul phase workshops, Focused In Trainings and other activities.
  • Ensure that all Heart & Soul meetings, training sessions, and workshops are documented, and that documentation is widely shared throughout the community.

Desired Skills, Experience and Understandings

  • Ability to facilitate groups, decision making, community development and community engagement processes.
  • Ability to quickly gain familiarity with Great Falls local context and community.
  • Documented experience in community planning, community development, or another related field • Experience with public outreach, building collaborative partnerships, and community organizing.
  • Experience with project design, management, and evaluation.
  • Experience working with and coordinating teams and committees.
  • Familiarity with innovative planning tools and processes, particularly as they relate to community engagement.
  • Skills in active listening.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and comfort speaking publicly.
  • Respect and sensitivity toward all people from diverse backgrounds, social groups, faith communities and cultures.
  • Commitment and capacity to build teams and Team-work skills.
  • Experience with bringing together a wide variety of groups and diverse constituencies to achieve common goals.
  • Ability to support building relationships between residents and GF local officials to develop the goals of Great Falls Heart and Soul.
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to manage multiple tasks.
  • Experience with a variety of communication technologies, including online formats and social media.
  • Commitment to the principles (Involve Everyone; Focus on What Matters Most, and Play the Long Game), goals and proven processes established by Community Heart & Soul.
  • Willingness to travel and work evenings.

Accountability: This position is responsible to the Steering Team. An Executive team, comprised of Steering Team members, will serve as main point of contact to guide and support the Project Coordinator. The Coach will orient and support the Project Coordinator with planning and implementation of the Heart and Soul model.

Additional Info

Job Type : Part-time

Experience Level : Entry Level

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